Gary Fillmore
Cave Creek, Arizona

Bio: Welcome! Yá'át'ééh! "Looking for Jimmy" is a compilation of musings, adventures and misadventures by yours truly, an author, art dealer and appraiser. From 2002 until 2014 I was the owner and operator of the Blue Coyote Gallery in Cave Creek, Arizona. I have also authored five non-fiction books including "All Aboard-The Life and Work of Marjorie Reed" and "Shadows on the Mesa-Artists of the Painted Desert and Beyond." What all of my books have in common is they have taken place entirely or in part on the Colorado Plateau in Arizona -also known as Red Rock Country, Canyon Country, Maynard Dixon Country and Dinétah, or Navajo Country. To me, it's "Jimmy Swinnerton Country", named after the famed cartoonist and artist who traveled and portrayed the area extensively via cartoons and paintings in the early 20th century. Hence the name, "Looking for Jimmy." (If you haven't yet figured out the reason for the name start with my early posts. I'm sure it will become as clear as the sky in the Four Corners region.) Also, in the mere hope of entertaining the reader, my blog entries are intended to be much lighter (often tongue-in-cheek) than my books. Yet one more reason to title this site after a famous cartoonist. Update May 2015: I've decided to expand the subject matter to include all of the Southwestern U.S...primarily southern California, Arizona and New Mexico (aka artist Carl Oscar Borg's "Magic Region".) For more photos and videos check out my Instagram page Gary Fillmore-Looking4Jimmy. https://www.instagram.com/looking_for_jimmy/?hl=en

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw your blog through Ann Jepanga’s Desert Art blog. I know Jimmy’s nephew William Swinnerton, and another friend, Ann Beatty, who has a Swinnerton piece that she won at a charity auction uears ago, which was donated by William. If any of this interests you, send me a reply.

    1. I’ve never heard of William Swinnerton so, yes, I would be interested in learning more. Jimmy, aka James Swinnerton, was an only child. Do you know how William is related?

  2. Hi. I have read that you were a dealer for David Swing art and I have an oil on canvas of a Conestoga wagon in the wilderness.

    Wondering if there is still an interest in Swing’s art.

    Hope you will personally reply.

  3. Note: I have zero art background other than visiting a few museums so my verbiage is probably not going to be correct. My great uncle passed away in 95’ and I received his favorite painting “Cowboy’s Dream”, how do I know if it’s an original vs a copy? I was curious about the painting and stumbled across your page.

  4. If it is identical to the image on this site then I would say it is almost certainly a copy. Disclaimer: without seeing the piece in person I cannot determine anything for sure.

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